Medical Professionals

Your potential clients are typing in your practice and/or your name when they begin their search for a reputable practitioner.  Do you know what they’ll find about you?  One negative “hit” within your top search results on Google, Facebook,, Angie’s List, and Yelp! can cost you thousands of dollars in lost business.  And what’s worse, a bad review may encourage other frustrated clients to also leave a negative comment.

Fortunately, for doctors and those in the medical field, Reputation Line has designed a package with Google that monitors, builds, and manages online brand presence. A recent survey conducted by Pew Internet and American Life Project found that forty-seven percent (47%) reported seeking information about their physician or other healthcare professionals from online sources.  And even though doctors and/or medical practices still receive plenty of traditional referral-based business, your clients – both present and past – are the ones controlling the online conversation about you.  Simply ignoring this online chatter can be a dangerous proposition for your business.

The challenge for doctors online is the tight restrictions by the American Medical Association to combat negative reviews.  Doctors have no other option than to involve a 3rd party representative to pay close attention to their online reputation and manage it effectively.  Unlike other types of businesses, a doctor’s individual name is extremely important, which means it is imperative that you continuously maintain and improve the quality of online profiles, blogs, personal websites, and biographical content.  Search engines, social networks, and reviews sites can be your most effective sales tool; however, you need to take control of the search results for your name and present yourself in a positive light by highlighting accolades and credentials.

Online reputation is not only about combating the negative chatter, but building your brand online.  Reputation Line not only works with doctors on any negativity, but our strength is in our ability to interview you, your staff, and your clients and organize information to create personal, industry-specific, and high-quality content for your business.  This content is distributed as blogs, articles, and press releases so that we can begin to impact your reputation online.  And it works!  According to the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 48% of small business owners saw “improved sales” as a direct result of their online reputation efforts.

Reputation Line understands your industry and has developed a 3-tier program that will:

  • Protect Your Brand or Name (especially from outside influencers)
  • Build Content and Communities That Complement and Promote Your Brand
  • Manage Your Digital Assets

On today’s social web, you must control the conversation about you.  Your good name is online and on the line.