Online perception is reality. Are you satisfied with the results that appear when your customer searches your company’s name on Google?

With studies showing increased resistance of the public to traditional forms of advertising, the Internet, and specifically the Social Media, can be used to create a stronger and more intimate image for your firm, especially amongst the specific clients you wish to target.  Online Reputation Management (ORM) is more than traditional press release distribution; it’s a vital strategic component to a large-scale branding campaign, providing maximum awareness and garnering ambassadors for your business.

Our work seeks to:

  • Take Control of Your Online Reputation
  • Protect Your Brand or Name (especially from outside influencers)
  • Construct Content and Communities That Complement and Promote Your Brand
  • Lead Your Public Perception Through High-Quality, Personal Content
  • Optimize Your Digital Assets

How do we do this? Through proactive communication, interaction with potential clients, and targeted keyword optimization, we will monitor the pulse of consumer behavior online and design several marketing channels to communicate your services and your competitive advantage.  Our work will also allow us to move quickly and take advantage of trends or ad lines from the news, thus connecting with your market more effectively.